Tamsin Hackett
My collection explores contrasts between Hong Kong’s neglected traditional craft industry environments, and gentrified establishments which are emerging in their place. This is paired with a focus on traditional, high-quality craftsmanship values as a means of creating durable, meaningful pieces. I focus on clean, fluid silhouettes – exploring texture and movement. A variety of structures were experimented with; ranging from handcrafted knit and crochet to fine draped fabrics, and delicately bleached lace. Garment layers reveal varying states of neglect - base layers hint at decay, whilst refined pieces sit above. Silks, bright orange and lilac shades contrast against chalkier, pastel merino yarns. Texture is key, with a focus on pleating reminiscent of traditional crafted shutters, but distorted, textured and faded. Sustainability was a key focus throughout the process, virtual sampling reduced yarn waste, all garments utilise all-natural fibres, and all pieces were knit all to shape.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles