Lois Eames
For my Collection, the main inspiration was my adoration for botanicals in the World around us against the bold shapes of architecture; botanicals and Florals bring me warmth and happiness, therefore using neutral shades with bright colours has enhanced the botanic feel of the collection. My initial inspiration came from the artist Claude Monet and his Water Lilies series of paintings. The way Monet uses colour and texture is inspirational to me. I am passionate about using my textiles design background of print and pattern to produce vibrant and creative fashion pieces. Coming from a background in Textiles Design I have discovered a passion for colour and texture as well as 3D structures and tactile qualities; this jump started my flare for Fashion, especially Knitwear and lead me to the Fashion Knitwear Design Course. A printed textiles element has been key throughout my project with foil and paint being a focal point on outfits within the final capsule collection.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles