Emma Price
Gone fishing is a collection inspired by texture and tactility, focusing on statement silhouettes through layering materials and complex knit structures. Inspiration was explored through primary images of textures found along the coastline of Devon, to which mark making was developed to create a high-quality garment. Sustainability was a key factor by fashioning pattern pieces and using second-hand yarns for the tufted elements. Seeing my collection on the catwalk at graduation fashion week a gave a feeling high satisfaction and fulfilment that concept portrayed. Sponsoring this collection were yeoman yarns and Topline both supplying the yarn to make the collection possible. Work experience was carried out at Julian Macdonald and Paul Smith which allowed me to understand the fashion industry from the manufacturing and production point of view but also the design aspects at High street level. Future aspirations include menswear design for a company that showcases their work on catwalks.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles