Stanley Matthewman
Hey! My name is Stan, and I'm a graphic designer. I've been studying design since the start of my education, and I plan on continuing my practice post-university. I specialise in advertising, branding, typography, and client communication but have experience in most areas of art and design. Outside of education, I enjoy cooking, music and socialising with mates; I've tried to include these passions in my final year projects. The projects I'm most proud of are 'Rave NFT' which was self-initiated, allowing me to have creative freedom to study design within Rave culture. Next 'Stanwich' allowed me to combine my love of cooking with design and experiment with branding the self. Also, I've been shortlisted for the new designer's award 2021! Overall I'm thrilled with how my portfolio has turned out. In the near future, I look forward to thriving in a vibrate agency environment.
BA (H) Graphic Design