Lashay Freeman
I enjoy illustrating & designing through use of different materials. Through studying graphic design, I have found joy in projects such as illustrating books, branding & packaging where I have been able to create fun & expressive visuals. Picking up a brush or pen to design I feel at home. With this said, I also enjoy designing with purpose & importance. I can be very conceptual, designing things that can make a change. I am a great idea generator, with strengths in creating new concepts & arrays of solutions. When designing I like listening to relaxing music that makes me feel free & expressive. I aspire to be able to share more of myself with the world, illustrating books or working amongst a design team with a successful company. I am currently offering up my design skills to build on myself & my personal style & currently working with a business designing packaging & improving their brand visuals.
BA (H) Graphic Design