Rebecca Lewin
Hi, I’m Rebecca and my work is centred around branding, packaging and typography. Throughout my university experience, I love briefs that are a challenge and that allow me to get out of my comfort zone. Working in the design industry has always been a dream of mine and therefore I aspire to create designs that people will love. At university, I was involved in designing editions for the NTU Platform magazine which I really enjoyed doing. As I love to work with typography and layout, it was a real passion of mine and inspired me to start collecting editorial magazines in my free time. In the future, I want to grow as a person in the design industry and gain as much valuable experience as I can. I want to challenge myself to create the best work I can for a variety of different briefs. My time at university has allowed me to create some work that I am really proud of and I only want to continue this working in job positions in the future.
BA (H) Graphic Design