Matilde Lane
Hi, I´m Matilde. Not Matilda, although I understand the desire of moving stuff with our minds. Something I think to do in a way. I moved to the UK from Portugal, looking for greater opportunities and self-development. As time went by, I developed a preference for projects that approached social issues like stigmas surrounding women, sustainability or the current pandemic even. I love exploring different fields of design and letting myself be surprised by the outcomes. For so, I'd like to experience different professional positions related to it, like branding strategy or project management. I intend to start my career journey in London, however, I'm always open to new paths and ideas. Another belief of mine is that without social and emotional connections we'd hardly evolve. In other words: knowledge is power and we can only absorb so much on our own. This is why I couldn't miss the chance to give a special thank you to Sean Murphy, whose guidance was crucial to me in this final year.
BA (H) Graphic Design