Otto Alexander Smith
Throughout my teens I struggled with a drug addiction, which resulted into disrespecting my mother. For years I've held a lot of regret and pain. Ive always said to myself one day I will do something too ask for her forgiveness and apologise to her. This is what inspired my collection, a collection devoted and inspired by my mother. God's of Susan consisted of analysing my Mother (Susan) personality and creating characters throughout my concept; Dramatsue (Gods of Theatrics), Besueful (God of Beauty), Opressue (God Of Oppression and Suerrior (God of Strength). Due to the constraints of the pandemic ive focused purely on Dramatsue. Firstly, I analysed what Dramatic and Theatrical meant to me and my Mother, where we both resulted in the theatre. Theatre and historic costume design were my main focuses for this particular GOD of Susan.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles