Jethro Nepomuceno
Hey, I’m Jethro, a recent Graphic Design graduate who is currently making some questionable design work. I pride myself on making every idea bizarre and pushing it to the extreme because why not? I am not classically trained in Graphic Design, so I don’t really know the basics. What I do know is that there is so much boring design in the world so why not make it a little weirder and more fun? My main goal in life is to get a Wikipedia page so I can just see what cool accomplishments I get over the years. My interests lie in most creative things, but fashion is the biggest obsession of mine, although Graphic Design has slowly crept up. I honestly just want to keep myself preoccupied creatively that is why I want to keep learning and moving forward. My work is a mixed bag, changing from 3D to animation to anything else really but one thing is for certain, it’s the most accurate representation of me.
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