Michael TJ
Illustration and ideation are my two main skills developed at university, being able to approach briefs from a considered angle and developing a solution that is in-depth, clever and stylistically versatile. I have developed myself in mediums I didn't think I could and aspire to continue to teach and learn from myself as I progress. I know I want to pursue a creative career but where it'll take me, I don't know. My aspiration is to become a freelance illustrator, working with companies on projects to best express their passions. Flexibility is key and I am working on developing my skills in all facets of design. Smart, elegant and simple solutions, or complex, eye catching designs, I strive to make an impact. Part of the draw of a creative career is that you never stop learning and bettering yourself and that is exactly what I intend to do, finding my career feet as I go. For further examples of my work, my inspiration and flexibility, check out my Instagram and YouTube pages!
BA (H) Graphic Design