Daisy Keet
Hello, I am Daisy Keet a Graphic Design Graduate. I am passionate about branding, connecting brands core values through visual identity. Rebranding a bakery providing a fresh feel and digital presence which it previously lacked, was rewarding. I enjoy editorial design, using typography and my own photography to work cohesively together, creating a desired aesthetic outcome. Therefore, I created a sustainable fashion brand incorporating an educational experience whilst the customers browsed the clothes. I was fortunate to gain work experience at Kinnersley Kent designs. Shadowing a designer gave me an insight into industries way of approaching briefs. Using my combined passion for graphic design and running, I used lockdown as an opportunity to fundraise for the charity Budapest marathon. Consequently, I sold hand-painted prints and posters giving me an insight into small businesses. My future plans include securing an internship or a job opportunity for a branding agency.
BA (H) Graphic Design