Eleanor Shaw
My graduate collection follows the concept of “Multifaceted”: a collection of machine-knitted fabric and garments developed from imagery collected when travelling in Hong Kong. My love for tonal qualities and abstract pattern exploration weaves throughout the collection. I was inspired to create pieces that could be worn or displayed as concept pieces in a premium fashion space, to embody the brand essence and offer styling options. This felt relevant post-pandemic, where brands are exploring ways to maintain consumer engagement. Utilising wrapping and draping motions, the garments (made with zero-waste) aim to capture how pattern and colour interact within fabric, allowing the wearer to be both styled and expressive. I was excited to have 2 outfits from the collection shown at the Graduate Fashion Week 2021 catwalk. Once graduated, I am striving to strengthen skills in innovative design with a particular interest in knitwear programming and the premium market.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles