Jennifer Potter
My final year collection, ‘Celebrate Digital’, showcases my skills in virtual sampling, particularly using Clo-3d and SDS-ONE APEX. The collection inspirations also come from the virtual world, focusing on video games and other computing advancements. Particularly, I am interested in the way that light interacts with fabrics, and I have created a range of knitted and printed fabrics from iridescent fine lace to thick woollen brushed knit to display this. My passion for sustainable design is also reflected in this project. My collection is completely zero-waste, which I made possible through creative pattern cutting and fully-fashioned knitwear. The full collection video will be available to view on my website, www.jdigitalfashion, on the 7th of July. My wider portfolio is also available on my website, which includes my internationally successful ‘Miffy’ doll outfit, my work with local Scottish wool, and other details of my qualifications and achievements.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles