Alice Hague
As a lifelong fan of heavy metal music, the hedonistic genre of glam metal sparked constant intrigue for it’s bizarre sexual ambiguity. Musicians reckless attitudes and skin-tight, ripped clothing exude mass sexuality. This attraction, alongside an enthusiasm for free-forming handcrafts, began an exploration into knitted cut-outs; integrally and through construction. Ripped and revealing pieces have informed silhouettes that peel and reveal, conceptualising skin-tight ‘second-skins.’ Alongside the skin-tight, handcraft elements highlight sensitivity of craft and process, providing a bolder; freehand contrast – balance and fluidity. Electronic body music has also been an influential force, characterized by stark, sexual aesthetic - fusing roughness of metal with electronic music. This contextualises the wearer as a follower of heavily provocative music. Time spent whilst on placement in Hong Kong - a vibrant urban landscape, informed a chaotic use of found colour and dynamic energy.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles