Grace Farey
Design has always excited me, and I now consider it part of my core identity. The thought of working in a graphic design studio, with fellow designers would be a dream come true. While at university, I took the initiative to learn numerous programs to best express my ideas. I have really enjoyed third year, despite the pandemic, and I am proud to say I have learnt everything I aimed to. The project I enjoyed most was ‘Bleedin Hell’, a period product brand. The core idea of the brand was to end period shame and to understand the pain ‘Hell’ of periods. Statement projects are something I really enjoy immersing myself in, as the thought of making even a small change in the world excites me. In future I want to work in an agency, creating packaging, illustration, campaign and branding designs. To contact me please email Image references : google mockups and google shop shelf image.
BA (H) Graphic Design