Daphne Ieong
When it came to my university years, my acquaintance with NTU grew into passion for its prevailing academic atmosphere, world-class facilities. More importantly, NTU’s excellent teaching quality appeals to me the most. I once worked as a brand identity designer at Maggiedaface, a beauty shop and engaged in designing logos, business cards and website cover. Communicating with clients frequently improved my communication skills and inspired me to think in clients’ shoes. I also served as an animation designer at The One Off Live Brief Project to promoted an independent UK local cinema by producing a short-animated film, winning high recognition from the company. However, my experience in printing design is equally rich. To illustrate, I designed the front and back cover of the designated book for A Penguin Random House Company. As well as designed the whole set of greeting cards for UK Greetings 2020&21, children's book for The Carmelite Picture Book Prize and more.
BA (H) Graphic Design