Tara Thomas
Hi I’m Tara, I grew up in the countryside surrounded by technology, films and music. This has led me to become an appreciator of artistic beauty within games, books, comics, music and embroidery. I have a range of projects that demonstrate my ability to be an optimist about the fate of cities and my fear of birds. A project that stood out to me was a collaboration between Heinz and Spotify. It was fun to find ways of bringing the brands together through similarities in their tone of voice. I found it inspirational to create visual links through colour palettes and shapes. I have an interest in branding, packaging and print. During my time at University, I have enjoyed using facilities, being part of an artistic community and discovering my specialisms. I have created a portfolio filled with industry led briefs which reflect my personality and visual style. I am looking forward to bringing my skills into industry.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design