Steffie Lee
Steffie Lee specialises in illustration with a keen interest in handcrafted work. With a preference towards craft-making, her design process is hands-on with a combination of digital and analogue approaches. She emphasises on organic textures and flowing forms to create whimsical illustrations with a feminine touch. She creates playful and quirky illustrations that embrace hand drawn textures and an appreciation for artisanship present in her experimentation. Her passion for illustration stems from a love of drawing and obsession with assorted decorative details therefore her works are a fusion of intricate details, natural shapes and explorative, textured brushstrokes. She is constantly experimenting and finding new ways to incorporate her love of artistry with illustration, something that she wishes to continue pursuing into her professional career. Having previously worked with all sorts of mediums such as ceramics, she aims to carry on experimenting in various design pathways.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design