Ruo-Tung Wang
Hi, I’m Ruo-Tung, Wang, an international student and recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University MA course. I have finished my postgraduate animation ‘Procrastination’, including motion graphics and 3D animation. In my animation, I have presented my ability to make motion graphics and 3D animation nicely, also showing my creative ideas and aesthetic reflected in my artwork. The postgraduate learning experience has laid down the basic 3D modelling, rigging, and animating skills that I enjoy doing. I’ve worked as a motion graphics animator for two years, and now I’m looking for a position as a 3D modeller to gain more knowledge on the 3D skin weighting of characters for animating in related software. I’m a hard-working person and am good at time management. I’m looking forward to what will the next two years have in the UK, and I will keep creating 3D, no matter modelling or animating, as well as collaborating with senior artists.
MA Animation