Rudolph Elton-Rowley
Hi, I'm Rudi. I would label myself as a graphic designer and illustrator, but I enjoy all things creative. My practice mainly takes place within digital fields as I have strong interests in branding and advertising. I have always loved to draw and as I have expanded my practice digital illustration has played a large roll throughout many of my projects bringing my designs further into the editorial world. I love starting things up from scratch creating stories and visuals that get your imagination tingling, bold colours, busy scenes, and strong texture repeatedly appears throughout my work because I love designs that scream at you from across the room and grabs your attention. Whilst I mainly work digitally, I also love the physicality of outcomes, if I'm creating packaging or picture books the joys of design should be experienced both on screen and in person. Whilst I have my design comforts, I am not afraid to face new challenges as my craft is always developing and evolving.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design