Naomi James
My name is Naomi and my passion in life is theatre whether that's watching, designing or making it. My love for theatre stemmed from my acting group which I was a part of for 11 years starting at age 7, which pushed me to then explore theatre as an audience member and find my calling in theatre design. I love the creativity as well as the variety of genres in theatre - in my time at university I have had the opportunity to design set and costume for puppetry performances, musicals and an opera. I've also been taught a variety of skills from model making to digital skills such as AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop. My plan for the future is to go where my creative journey takes me, never say no to an opportunity and work my hardest to better all my skills and learn new ones. And, of course, I plan to watch as many productions as I can, learning what I can from them but also enjoying every minute of them.
BA (Hons) Theatre Design