Marina Escalante
My name is Marina Escalante and I am from the Basque Country, Spain. I gained a degree in Fashion Design from ESNE in Madrid. After finishing it I got fascinated by the knitwear world so I decided to start an MA in Fashion Knitwear Design at NTU. I am drawn to my roots and childhood in the countryside, which inspires me to investigate and share my heritage and culture. Moreover, my aim is to unite fashion and nature through designs that respect them: creating romantic, feminine, sinuous garments with a motive. The role of women in the Basque society is the title of a slow fashion project that is looking to redesign the Basque costume into day to day garments. The closest possible approach to a sustainable development of the project will be carried out through different lines of research. An academic one that will give a message to the garments and a research of shapes and materials to guarantee their durability and functionality.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design