Jamie Southwell
Hi there! My name's Jamie (they/them) and I'm a non-binary person from Brighton, UK. I am a Visual Development Artist who has recently completed their MA Animation at NTU. I am a passionate storyteller at heart who loves to write stories, design diverse characters and create vast worlds for them to inhabit through in depth worldbuilding and narratives. I am always striving to bring themes of equality and diversity into my work. This year I have been working on developing my own characters, worlds and concepts for my own stories - 'Kintaro' and 'The Dream Travellers'. I plan to continue developing these in the future and publish them in graphic novel format. Moving forwards, my goals are to work as a Visual Development Artist within Animation, with a focus on TV & Film as I want to be involved with bringing stories to life. It is also my ambition to become an Art Director and I am currently working on a concept for my own short film - working title 'Anchor'.
MA Animation