Holly Lamkin
Design has always been a passion of mine. Throughout my exciting and rewarding journey here at NTU, I learnt to push myself outside of my comfort zone which has helped to strengthen my design practise and my confidence as a designer. My projects have always been based around making, creating and experimenting with tactical objects and materials. Every project I have worked on during this final year, has allowed me to learn as a designer, and where my strengths lie. I consider myself an illustrator, but also a maker. In this final year, I have learnt to knit, knitted a blanket and created a cushion from scratch. Recently, I have worked on many projects away from university, a combination of live briefs from clients and personal projects too. One project I did, based around Covid-19, was selected to feature in an open-air exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil, and in an art gallery in Doncaster, and was featured on the famous designer, Stefan Sagmeister’s Instagram page.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design