Design for the future and solving problem are everything I am looking for in my design period. I strongly believe that everything in the future will become digital and artificial, and everyone will live in a virtual world. Our Mother Earth is dying, and natural resources become more and more valuable. The digital world not only provides a more convenient world for the whole society but also avoids unnecessary waste. For instance, humans cut down trees to manufacture paper, while we can use software to replace paper. we can draw on smart pads, and type on laptops. Due to this concept, I tried to start a non-paper project. I am not good at the latest techniques, I always buy physical books and never interested in social media, but, if I, the old-fashioned girl, can get used to the digital equipment, others must be able to do it as well. Although getting familiar with new software cost me numerous times and make my project harder, however, I never regret it. I am glad to be a less-
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting