Haydn Rhys Cawley
Hello, my name's Haydn. I wear second-hand clothes, I've read War And Peace, and I can't stomach aubergine so that's me for you. My intent with costume and clothing has always been to bring a little colour and excitement into the world. And that, along with the deep satisfaction of having crafted something with your own hands, is why I chose to make a career out of it. I pride myself on attention to detail and have found tailoring to be a great outlet for it. I also find immense joy in creating more conceptual pieces, inspired by my love of drag and my mental catalogue of references to fashion, film and camp culture. This project, The Hazards of Love, is based on a narrative album by The Decemberists and was designed to be an intersection of all my passions: tailoring, colour, musical theatre, queer aesthetics, and historical references. It follows the tragic story of a medieval Scottish noblewoman, her shapeshifting lover, his interfering mother, and a lecherous rake who ruins it all.
BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making