Elizabeth Bottle
As an aspiring costume designer and maker, I have always been motivated by pushing my creative abilities to invent something original and unique. For my third-year University project, I found myself captivated by Japanese culture and clothing and produced a unique intercultural concept: ‘The Tales of Beatrix Potter from Japan’. With this project, I aimed to showcase the diversity of inter-culturalism through creative mediums in the form of combining The Tales of Peter Rabbit with contemporary Japanese Kabuki Theatre. Designing and making costumes for theatre companies is a dream of mine I have long-since held and I would love to steer my career into this field post-University. Furthering this, my passion for costume originated from my love of The Hobbit. I have always adored the fantasy genre as it allows so much creative freedom and can breed fantastical ideas. I look forward to the future projects I will get to work on.
BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making