Dominica Mars
With a previous Fine Art background developing skills within contemporary and conceptual art, I am now graduating with a MA in Animation, specialising my skills as a digital artist and working mainly within pre-production: character design, visual development and storytelling. My most recent project is inspired by Eastern European folklore and mythology. As a 2D animatic, my project introduces my own adaptation of the illusive character 'Rusalka', a lake dwelling entity who thrives from the energy of helpless men, and explores themes of fantasy, mystery and graphic, disturbing horror. Alongside my animatic, I have produced an array of conceptual digital art in Adobe Photoshop which visualise the world my narrative is set in, and give an insight to the direction my project is headed aesthetically, as I begin production on animation of my film. I hope my film is engaging to new audiences unfamiliar with her tale, and equally as enjoyed by those who are.
MA Animation