Ciara Linehan
As a recent graduate from the Theatre Design course, I’ve done many projects, all of which have allowed me to decide the areas I want to work in – puppetry and site-specific/immersive performances. My final project was a theoretical promenade site-specific performance based on the mythical Irish hero Cu Chulainn. I designed large and small scale puppets, and costumes based on a selection of his stories. I did this as a way to re-connect to my own heritage/culture and introduce a fraction of Irish culture to the British public. Community-based projects are something I want to get into as well, as, in the past, those projects are ones I fully enjoyed, ensuring a community was linked, or a performance was accessible to all. All the projects completed have developed my skills in Photoshop and AutoCAD, which are very helpful as a visual learner and communicator.
BA (Hons) Theatre Design