Caitlin Johns
I enjoy being creative and everything that entails. I would consider myself a multidisciplinary designer because I have enjoyed so many parts of graphic design: packaging, branding, strategy, but I also enjoy illustration, printmaking, photography, animation, and many more. I have completed 5 projects over the course of my third year in University and I explored each of those with newfound interests in different subject matters. One that shocked me was my fourth project, showing my dissertation visually. I decided to challenge myself by creating an animation. I did it and I am proud that I pushed myself into an unknown. I want to continue to push myself like this. Working in a studio alongside likeminded people has been a highlight in University, so I look forward to experiencing that dynamic in the industry as well. One thing I am excited for is seeing one of my ideas/designs being brought to life and seeing it in a shop, or a billboard, or on the TV -that will be a milestone hit.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design