Alfie Eyden
Hello! I'm Alfie, a graphic designer & animator working in Nottingham. My MA is focused on climate change and how I can challenge misinformation and cognitive bias around this dense subject matter. I want to subvert people's expectations of what a carbon-positive world could look like. I aim to cut through the noise and show that a practical future exists without diminishing our quality of life. To build my vision of the future I have used Unreal Engine to create photoreal environments. I have juxtaposed these images next to bleak (but accurate) images of the future we are inevitably heading toward if we fail to act now. I hope that through this project I can reduce climate anxiety and offer people hope in the form of practical advice on reducing their carbon emissions. In the years to come, I hope to continue working with Unreal Engine to produce fully interactive experiences and exhibitions. Please visit my website for a full run-through of the project.
MA Animation