Aaron Thomas
Hi, I'm Aaron and I specialise in motion design but I like dipping my toe into every field of design whether that's Illustration, Branding, or UX design. I love everything about design. The playful nature of it, getting lost in the process and the aspect of constantly learning something new. I am constantly on the lookout to find new tools to play with and use. For example, this year I taught myself the 3D software Blender and how to use it as an animation tool. This gave me a whole new way of creating pieces and a way to respond to the briefs I was given. Over my 3 years at NTU, I have grown more and more passionate about motion design and as a result I chose the briefs that would let me explore the craft. Motion design is now where I am aiming to go with my career as a designer. I cannot wait to get started in the industry and see where it takes me.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design