Victoria Rhodes
A bold, concise, and innovative designer is how I would describe myself. I seek uniqueness in what I do, creating ideas that are largely admired. My preferred areas of graphic design are branding and packaging due to its diverse range of opportunity. The one project that is my personal favourite is Iced Up that I produced in my final year, A frozen Iced Tea Drinks brand that would be a perfect picnic companion, lasting a hot summer's day. I feel the concept is refreshing, modern and colourful which excites me. Through all my projects I look for ways to improve them which has made me work efficiently with multiple briefs on the go. I enjoy the buzz, the anticipation of coming up with new ideas and creating in a team as well as on my own. Outside of graphic design I have many passions which include horse riding, exercise and being outdoors which all feed into my concern about the environment and sustainability. Please follow the links below to see more about me and my work.
BA (H) Graphic Design