Rebecca Jane Rivers
Hello! I'm RJ and I'm a character animator! My favourite pass time is creating characters and forming a story around them, which is why character animation called to me personally. I also enjoy making my own reference for my animations, and using them to bring my characters to life. My favourite projects in university were the 3 shot films and the character design. Designing a world and characters to live within it was very satisfying to me which is why even when I did character animation for my final project I wanted there to be a storyline threaded throughout. I often found my stories were too long and complex to fit into a short film, but I could focus on the details of short scenes when I solely considered the character's reactions and movements. Eventually I want to do character animation or visual development for feature length animated films or video games. I am particularly drawn to indie games since I often find their art styles more interesting and experimental.
BA (H) Animation