Natalie Turner
I have a love for editorial design that I have discovered over the course of my degree. As well as enjoying this, I have also got a passion for crocheting which has gotten me into a crocheting magazine. My most thought-provoking project was about dual heritage microaggressions. This is something I have personal experience with, including friends and family members who have also experienced this too. It felt incredible to create a platform for these thoughts and issues surrounding microaggressions. My most enjoyable project was my sleep paralysis book. I had never worked on paper mechanics much before, or had a deeper consideration of paper type so much as I have with this project, and it really has opened my eyes to so much more possibility in what I can create in future. I would really enjoy seeing myself surrounded with ambitious like-minded creatives, solving issues in the best way that we know how to do.
BA (H) Graphic Design