Monique Cameron
I am a Contemporary Installation Artist that specialises in surface print and fabric manipulation. I use these techniques to create bespoke artwork installations combining lighting and a myriad of mixed media. The majority of my work is strongly influence by nature, with my most recent work beening inspired by the folds, shapes and textures found within the natural world of Mushrooms, combined with the connotations and illicit experiences associated with experience individuals can encounter when ingested. It is said that the effects of eating certain fungi with psychedelic properties can create mind-altering and euphoric sensations. The collection 'Between Mushrooms and Madness' is designed to evoke the viewer into a mind-expanding experience of texture and colour, by combining traditional pleating, luxury textures and LED lighting, to recreate both an abstracted physical reality of the Mushrooms, and the psychedelic mind-altering reality created ingesting them.
BA (H) Decorative Arts