Millicent Grace Inwood
My name is Millie, and I am a highly enthusiastic and driven graphic designer who enjoys surface pattern design and thought-provoking campaigns. I am a keen learner ready to explore new opportunities to enhance my design skills. I enjoy the research, experimental and idea-generating stage in the design process. Within my final year, I have truly been able to push myself and curate a wide range of empowering work that represents me, a lover of all thing’s health and fitness, interiors and productivity. My work demonstrates my love for crafting bold, abstract patterns across various branding and textile briefs in my portfolio. However, it also showcases my devotion for creating strong designs with a social impact, as illustrated in my self initiated project 10 IN 10 - a campaign built to educate society on the importance of Asthma Attacks. Fascinated by people stories and problems, I am endlessly curious about using design and creativity to make a positive change in the world.
BA (H) Graphic Design