Megan Campe
Influenced by my passion for animals and storytelling, my photographic field of interest includes the exploration of the character of modern-day pets. Aiming to tell the story of beings that themselves have no words, I have developed skills that allow me to capture a subject’s essence through both photo- and videography in the studio as well as on location. My presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok has led to collaborations with brands and other creators, giving me valuable experience in working both independently and within a team of artists. My passions furthermore include documentary and music photography, the latter being an interest that I have been able to explore through working with musicians and bands both on- and backstage over the past three years. I am planning on relocating to Manchester this summer to build my portfolio as well as establish connections that will allow me to pursue a career in the music or film industry.
BA (H) Photography