Lydia Smith
My name is Lydia Smith and i specialise in jewellery making and metalwork. I produce wearable statement jewellery made predominantly with copper inspired by the growth of barnacles and limpets on the surface of marine bivalve molluscs. I draw inspiration from the natural world, in particular the vast array of colours and textures found within it, with my main areas of inspiration being marine life, fungi and insects. The pieces I make are designed to move with the wearers body adding a kinetic, interactive element to the pieces playing with both movement and sound. Each of my pieces are designed to play with a variety of textures to add a tactile element to the jewellery inviting the wearer to further interact with the piece. In the future i plan to expand my collection inspired by marine bivalve molluscs and develop my jewellery making skills experimenting with precious metals and gemstones.
BA (H) Decorative Arts