Lexi Dyer
I am a metalsmith specialising in metal sculpture and decorative lighting. Throughout my work I aim to create unique and luxurious pieces, transforming scrap copper boilers and pipes into contemporary designs. Initial inspirations for form development came from cocoons that I saw when visiting Botanical Gardens. I aim to transform and bring new life to scrap materials encouraging people to reuse and appreciate the beauty all around us, looking after the earth’s natural resources as opposed to buying new. The additional plant installation shows plants protruding and bursting from copper pipes. Each being on an individual stem allowing this to be moved and rearranged, acting as a sustainable alternative to throw away flowers. This gives not only new life but immortality to each leaf. I plan to continue with this project after graduation, continuing to explore where scrap metal will take me and aim towards working on a larger scale.
BA (H) Decorative Arts