Lewis Bowness
I like to push myself, the university projects in my final year have mostly focused on aspects of design I knew little about. My intention as a designer is to be as knowledgeable as possible about many areas of design, to consider myself insular and to specialise would be a restriction personally. This year my favourite project was an anti-AI figurine in which I taught myself the software Zbrush on a 1 month trial, digitally sculpted a wolf figurine that I then 3D printed and painted. I have previously been approached by a large book company for an internship, but I could not accept because of my continued education. I was offered this opportunity after placing 2nd in the Penguin random house student design competition in 2019. This has also led to me being approached by a writer for whom I am creating a graphic novel with over this upcoming summer. My aspirations as a designer are undecided currently, but I will be content as long I as I can continue my passion for graphic design.
BA (H) Graphic Design