Katie Kinzett
My main body of work is a photography project titled, Every hour is golden. This is an exploration of my current environment, recording the beauty in the everyday, looking at traces of existence and focusing on making the mundane beautiful. Approaching this subject with sensitivity and delicacy, documenting and engaging with my environments in order to understand the world and notice these small traces. I predominantly use analogue technologies in order to make my work, this being something that I am very passionate about, seeing the process from the negative to print, all being handmade, further adding to this idea of a trace evident in the work. The work was featured in exhibition 'Finding a way home'. Now my studies have finished, I am continuing to volunteer at The Photo Parlour in Nottingham, as well as developing my creative practice further. This including planning and entering exhibitions, and creating handmade prints from photographic negative.
BA (H) Photography