Kacy Capes
The body is the main issue in my work, this is about my own body and how I feel inside of it and how women are being treated to show their bodies if they’re the normal beauty standard. Self Image is also a part of the issue, as we are told that the image of one’s self is extremely important and if we don’t have a good self image we won’t get far in life. I have started to look at Renaissance paintings from Botticelli and Titian, as well as the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens. Their work has influenced me greatly because of how they use softer type bodies for the women, which was my main focus of my own work. Being able to relate to the women in the paintings because they are softer and plump. Renaissance paintings have been my biggest influence, because of how much they express in the paintings, not only different body shapes and types, but also themes of love, passion, marriage, acceptance. Having the influence of renaissance paintings grounds my work within art history.
BA (H) Photography