Joseph Thornley
I am a motivated landscape photographer from the North-West whose practice explores the dynamics of industry, humanity and environmentalism. Ever since I first picked up a camera I’ve been interested in how relationships between humans and nature present themselves in the landscape and across the last 3 years this interest snowballed into an exploration of these environmental tensions. My most recent work ‘River Trent: Humans and Ecology’ employs a dual scientific-photographic strategy to investigate the River Trent as a vital ecosystem, one that’s particularly vulnerable in the current geological epoch ‘the Anthropocene’. Furthermore, I have partaken in a diverse range of jobs, from joiner to lead barista, which has given me great business awareness and an all-round versatility, with a willingness to take on any task. My ambition is to use the skills gained from my degree and previous employment roles to take on a job in the creative industry that works toward climate justice.
BA (H) Photography