Jordan Holmes
Jordan's passions lie in the subject of Photography, she enjoys capturing fashion & beauty as well as portraits. Outside of university, you will find her connecting with her friends as well as researching the latest fashion trends, or helping her mum dog walking.Her most recent work focuses on influencers and authenticity on Instagram, alongside that she also focused on Influencers for her dissertation. She chose influencers as her topic of choice as she finds the social media world so interesting, and as a consumer of social media she thought it would be interesting to investigate the topic more. Alongside her studies, she also works part-time, balancing both has given her valuable and transferable skills that she plans to use in the future and overall, has given her a stronger work ethic. In terms of future plans, Jordan wants to work in the creative field, whether it be through marketing or in the studio. However for the next year, she is open to any opportunities that come her way.
BA (H) Photography