Gemma Tyte
I am a Fashion Knitwear Design student who is passionate about colour, texture, and inclusivity in the fashion industry. My personal experience with disability has informed and led my project. Designers have not considered things that, due to my disability, I have always been aware. With this collection I am beginning my mission to make a difference in the fashion industry where inclusive or adapted clothing becomes the norm. I aim to encourage inclusivity by showing brands how making small changes to garments may enable them to be more inclusive and beneficial. My love of colour and texture, inspired by Bermuda, shows that adapted fashion does not have to be boring (or black) but can be fun like any other fashion. I completed internships and developed my skills with designer Ilana Blumberg, working on collections, and I also worked for Sigi Knit in Belgium, developing garments and knitted furnishings. (Photographs by Bartek Bartusiak)
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles