Gayatri Rana
I am a problem solver, creative thinker, and team player. I love to read, and am a keen writer, so I try to really delve into the brief and analyse material to create a solid strategy for my design. I am Indian, brought up in Bahrain and briefly in Canada, and have done my undergraduate course from the UK. My background in design and interactions with a broad range of cultures makes me appreciate the wonderfully wide influence design can have to promote a brand, as well as create real change in the world. Through a brand strategy brief I had at university, I discovered my love for idea generation, studying customer behaviour, and managing the execution of projects. I hope to pursue this in the future. I was an intern for Ogilvy and an associate producer for a film shoot where I had to take on many roles. Both these roles developed my strategic and creative thinking skills. I am looking forward to developing these skills further and tackling real world projects.
BA (H) Graphic Design