Eleanor Kay
Fun, creative and can work across multiple design platforms and mediums. There’s nothing better than giving yourself a challenge and coming through the other side with outcomes you can’t wait to present. In my third year at NTU, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by experimenting with new design concepts and platforms. The projects that I have worked on this year were challenging but I have managed to achieve outcomes that I never thought I could produce. I delved into the world of embroidery through a Celebrating Crafts brief, by producing hand embroidered designs from life stories strangers gave to me. I learned new skills for UI and UX design, by designing a new Spotify feature called ‘Spotify Ripple’ and creating a protest app ‘STAND’. I chose a Creative Conscience brief to tackle loneliness, by creating ‘The Chatterbox Cafe’ and disrupted the shelves in supermarkets with my ‘FLOW + GLOW’ discreet and empowering sanitary products.
BA (H) Graphic Design