Caitlin Primrose Martin
I’m Caitlin Martin and my work is mainly textile based, but I also paint, draw and create collages. I am fascinated by nature’s beauty and it’s complicated, methodical ways of growing, surviving and dying. The ongoing cycles within nature keep me going, if I’m having a bad day, I know that it will get better and turn around. The weird and wonderful, chaotic and calm qualities of nature translate into my work a lot. I often create busy, peculiar and abstract works and like to leave the subject matter up to the onlooker. Another thing that inspires me and keeps me going is the wonderfulness of animals, seeing their individual personalities and charm. I am going to volunteer more often to help out animal rescue centres and other nature based work. These fulfilling experiences would definitely add to my future art projects. Therefore, my passion for now and the future is to live a happy, fulfilling life learning, helping and creating art for myself and others to spread joy and wonder.
BA (H) Decorative Arts