Brooke Christina Skelton
From the realms of 1920s London emerged 'The Bright Young Things'. Boyishly crazy, galivanting around the country, throwing fancy dressed parties and having treasure hunts. We have a lot more in common with the roaring twenties than we think. Researching into historical periods and trends has enabled me to create this concept for my graduate collection. Sourcing original inspiration enables me to explore materials and be tactile. Imagery such as photography and creating fun videos of my work empowers the vibe of my work and me. This inspiration led me to create my fun, flamboyant, bold, promiscuous, decadent, and glamorous concept of 'Flamboyant Youth', in the hopes to create a sustainable, trans-seasonal, uni-sex graduate collection. That most importantly embodies the spirit of 'The Bright Young Things' and inspires this younger generation to have fun and freedom after the pandemic and to celebrate and express themselves.
BA (H) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles